Privacy Policy

The Company, in order to pursuit on our mission, declares that confidentiality on many of our clients is the most important duty and makes arduous efforts to protect information confidential based on Act on the Protection of Personal Information; Here is our privacy policy as follows.
1. Acquisition and Utilization on Personal Information
We use personal information submitted with trip orders for communication with customers and will use such within the scope necessary for the arrangement and receipt of services provided by transportation and accommodation facilities, etc.
2. Management and Protection on Personal Information
We will keep personal information strictly confidential and unless the client accepts, we will neither disclose nor provide any personal data to a third party.
And also the Company shall take necessary and proper measures for the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage, and for other security control of the personal data.
3. Compliance of the Law and Act
We shall comply with guidelines defined by the State or the law pertaining to personal information possessed by the Company.
4. Handling of Complaints
We will handle inquiries or solve complaints pertaining to personal information, providing necessary advice and solution as quickly as we can.
5. Management on Personal Information and Continuous Improvements on its Mechanism
We will continuously improve managements on personal information and its mechanisms.